'I aim to embrace technology, develop the operatic artform, and build a new method of performance. I aim to put the audience in close proximity with the drama, delivering the intense emotions directly to you.' Daisy Evans
Artistic Director
'Silent Opera are a young and rather brilliant lot' Evening Standard 'There is so much to like here and much more to come from a company who clearly love opera, get opera, and have all the tools to persuade others to do so too' New Statesman
IMPROVISED OPERA: in-store at HEAL'S The Cocktail Bar Silent Opera bring you an exciting, hilarious and energetic pop-up event available to hire for parties, weddings, corporate events and festivals. Want to build your own opera scene? How about seeing a lobster take on a mermaid in operatic battle? Or a devils pact in a public toilet? Order from a menu of arias, duets, specials and we improvise your very own, custom opera right in front of your very eyes. For more information on hire and availability, send us an email here!
NEW DATES: Live/Revive/Lament / Saatchi Gallery / 24th July 2014
Wilderness Festival / Oxfordshire / 9th August 2014
Live/Revive/Lament is a trio of short operatic installations that work in a cycle charting the three stages of an abstract relationship. Life sees the joy of new love, Revive the complications and deep seated doubts, and Lament the aftermath. Three performers interpret the newly devised sound worlds from three different disciplines: an actor, an opera singer and a dancer. Each performer begins on a separate segment of the story, and all perform their segment simultaneously. They then move onto the next piece, and the story works in a compete cycle for all three. As an audience member it is your choice wether you follow a single performer throughout the cycle, or stay and watch the same segment three times interpreted by the three disciplines. Combining electronic and pre-recorded music, interlinking wireless technology and app-based ticketing, Life/Revive/Lament is a unique new exploration of opera and music theatre in the modern world.
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