Join us Silent Opera need the generous support of sponsors and private donors to keep making imaginative, innovative and challenging opera. In the past we have been supported by the Arts Council and Sky Arts. We are extremely excited to say we are now being supported by the English National Opera. However, this backing represents less than a quarter of what it takes to mount the ambitious and high quality productions we have planned. We rely heavily on donations and support to help us reach our goals and continue to bring this intense, wonderful art form to a new and wider audience. If you want to join us on our mission to innovate this valuable genre of theatre and music making, there are many ways to get involved. Sponsorship can come in many forms. It can be financial, or resource, equipment or mentorship. Without you, these wonderful productions, these wonderful people, this wonderful art form won't get a chance to show what it can do.
become a Patron Have you been inspired by the work of Silent Opera? Does the mission to bring opera to a wider audience in more exciting and challenging ways interest and invigorate you? Are you passionate to see a change in the theatre and opera making scene? If so, why not join our growing family of patrons? Donations start at £1,000 per annum. Please contact to start a formal discussion on how you can play a defining role in the future of Silent Opera.
grateful thanks Barbara Bannister Sarah-Jane McClelland Edward Longhurst Mr & Mrs A Merralls Lunita Williams Dr Elspeth Green Owen Davies