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/ The Castle


The Castle is a haunting, operatic tour through Bluebeard's Castle. Walk into each door with Bluebeard and his young wife and experience each horror as they are chillingly unveiled. What lies beyond the next door?

With your own personal headphones, we invite you to tour the castle in your own sound-world. Inside the headphones is the operatic score with live singers mixed in. Outside, the naked and moving opera voice and the sound of the castle as it breathes and groans...

Plug in and start walking...

Cast & Creative

Director & Librettist // Daisy Evans

Music Director // Stephen Higgins

Sound Design // Max Pappenheim

Design // Kitty Callister

Lighting & Projection Design // Jake Wiltshire

Judith // Laura Zigmantaite

Bluebeard // Tim Dickinson

Produced at Wilton's Music Hall

November 2017

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